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Sunpro completes IT projects with Indian Airforce, GAIL India Ltd, GAIL GAS Ltd. CERT-In, IIT, Delhi, Jawaharlal University , JNU, Delhi University and many more public sector organizations. Sunpro gets the approval from Department of Telecom to offer assets such as Dark Fibre, Right of Way, Duct space and Tower to customers and is confident to garner a major share of as an Infrastructure Provider. Sunpro is registered with Department of Telecom, as Infrastructure Provider in Category I (IP-I). Sunpro plans to launch India’s first and only business platform for Indian Enterprises. "There is a strong need for Indian Enterprises to focus on businesses instead of struggling with complex, time consuming but mandatory regulatory compliances. Munesh Kaushik, Director-comments. "What we believe that Indian Enterprise spends a lot of time in mundane but very critical activities and gets diluted focus on business acquisition". "With a strong team of real-time and proven professionals from Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Provident Fund and ESIC, we believe that this will enable them to not only monitor the compliances in real time, but also provide them option to handle all the complex issues online and in real time". Sunpro extends its Oracle expertise to one of the largest telecom player in the world. Sunpro forges an alliance with NComputing Inc. US for its desktop virtualization software. Sunpro bags a prestigious system integration project worth $ 2 million for a leading government department in India. Sunpro gets into strategic alliance with Sentrigo Inc. Israel, a world leader in software security solution. Sunpro extends its oracle expertise to one of largest paper manufacturer in the world-One of largest paper manufacturer of world avails Sunpro's Oracle expertise for migrating Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.7 instance to Autoconfig and Rapid clone technology in multi node configured environment. Sunpro also configured the additional web and form server on new hardware and successfully integrated with the existing setup and configured the Oracle application load balancing solution. Sunpro launches Techforce-A global platform to bring technology challenges and professionalism together. Both the organizations are confident to compliment each other in the IT, Telecom, Real Estate and Education industry, Rajsh Raj Varma-Director-Podium Infotech comments. Raminder Malik joins Strategic Planning and Business Consulting-An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow has over thirteen years of experience in Strategic Management, marketing, product management, business research, consultancy, and entrepreneurship. He will be responsible to set up Sunpro's strategically initiatives in business consulting and KPO area with a focus on Europe and North America market. Sunpro enters Nepal market-A strategic alliance with Chamunda group of compnies to offer Healsoft, integrated hospital management software in Nepal market. Kaoshaal Thapa-Founder of Chamunda comments-We are sure to leverage software capabilities of Sunpro being coupled with our domain expertise. Chamunda is a leading service provider to most of the Nepal hospitals for high-end critical medical equipments.

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Oracle Support Services
"Most cost effective, most customized, on-demand annual subscription"
Our more than 600 Oracle professional with a majority based out of India experts shares the ownership of your Oracle Database by applying industry best practices combined with our extensive expertise, we can ensure that your Oracle Database will perform at optimal levels without any break in service for years to come.
Sunpro offers a complete portfolio of Oracle services to maintain even the most complex Oracle environments. By subscribing to our managed services, you can reduce support costs, manage your mission critical application proactively, avoid any disaster and focus on your core business.

Silver 50,000.00
Gold 1,00,000.00
Platinum 2,00,000.00

Silver Unlimited on line support thru e-mail and phone and 4 onsite visit on demand anywhere in India
Gold Unlimited on line support thru e-mail and phone and 8 onsite visit on demand anywhere in IndiaUnlimited on line support thru e-mail and phone and 8 onsite visit on demand anywhere in India
Platinum Unlimited on line support thru e-mail, phone and 15 onsite visit on demand anywhere in India.

Oracle Database Consulting to get most out of your Oracle Platform.

Oracle Performance Enhancements to fine tune your database and back-end applications. for peak load

Oracle Database Migration to upgrade your database to the latest version.

Oracle High Availability Consulting to adopt best practices in Oracle High Availability Solutions.

Oracle Security Enhancements to analyze your existing database security

Oracle database is the heart of your business. You would like to take full advantage of the Oracle technology platform once your mission critical systems have been implemented on top of it. Leverage our years of experience in Oracle Technology implementations to unlock the real value of your Oracle investment.
Our Oracle database consulting practice offers a wide range of fixed cost services such as :
  • Oracle Database Health check audits and recommendations

  • Oracle Licensing - Knowledge transfer and audits

  • Server Sizing - How to plan Oracle deployment for an enterprise application

  • Implementation of best practices for Oracle backup and recovery


You have implemented your Oracle database and applications and allowed it to stabilize and mature over a period of time. What you now need is an expert consultant to help you carry out performance enhancements. Business users today require high performance even at peak workloads. How can you address increased business transactions without scaling up your Oracle servers vertically?
We help you to address these situations by carrying out a detailed analysis of your database and back-end applications. Our Performance Enhancement services focus on :
  • Detailed fact finding exercise of capacity planning and database deployment standards

  • Analysis of key resource leakages

  • Database / Instance tuning

  • Identification of "bad" SQL queries with recommended rectifications


Whether you are upgrading your current Oracle database to a new version or migrating non-Oracle databases to Oracle, you need scientific planning and a foolproof mechanism to guarantee success. We have carried out hundreds of database migration projects over the last decade. Take advantage of our structured migration process for a successful and time bound database migration.
We specialize in :
  • Oracle Database Version Upgrade

  • Cross Platform Oracle Database Migration

  • Non-Oracle to Oracle Database Migration (DB2, SQL Server, Informix, My SQL)


When disaster strikes, your ability to respond to the crisis depends on the planning and investment you have made in implementing a high availability solution. Even under normal circumstances, your users may need 24 hour access to applications and data.
In today's dynamic business environment, Business Continuity is not just insurance but your competitive advantage. Building a high availability IT infrastructure is critical to the success and well being of all enterprises in today's fast moving economy.
Fortunately, after investing in an Oracle Database, you don't have to rely on third party high availability and business continuity solutions. Oracle technology provides you complete spectrum of HA and Disaster Recovery Solutions.
We specialize in planning and implementation of Oracle High Availability solutions such as :
  • Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC)

  • Extending Oracle Real Applications Clusters to Enterprise Grids

  • Oracle Data Guard - Disaster Recovery and Data protection solutions

In today's networked world, there is an increased dependence on web-enabled information systems, making database security enhancements highly critical.
You might have implemented security at the corporate level, comprising of security appliances, software, secure networks, etc. However, to further safeguard your data, you need Security Enhancements to be incorporated into your Oracle Database.
  • We help you design / audit database security guidelines

  • We train your database administrators to follow security guidelines

  • We ensure that latest database security patches are tested and applied

  • We carry out periodic database security audits

Other than the most cost effective and moist customized support service, few other benefits of Oracle management to Sunpro are identified in the table below.
We support multiple versions of Oracle products on various platforms You don't have to build and retain expertise on multiple platforms in house. No need of investing in expensive training sessions to bring your employees up to speed on new Oracle versions
We deliver services with clearly defined SLAs. You can predict the service level and evaluate our performance on pre-defined criteria.
We provide comprehensive reports and database infrastructure documents. You have complete control and receive real time information about the performance of your database and any issues that may arise.
Proactive database monitoring and management is a foundation of our services. We help you to predict "hotspots" in your database and your overall IT infrastructure, and show you how to deal with them.
We take end-to-end responsibility for your Oracle infrastructure. No more fixing the blame in a crisis situation. You can be rest assured that the problem will be solved within a definitive time frame. We also work alongside other vendors to deliver optimum throughput of your overall database and applications infrastructure.
We commit response time and approximate solution time. You can have a back-to-back service agreement with your internal users.
We provide configurable add-on services to enhance support benefits. You get the best out of your Oracle investment. Now you can improve the IT services you provide to your business users with little additional investment.

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